Time to Relax After a Days Work

I really have not had any time to play with this game because I have been very busy with my work and basically my instagram since I have been wanting to get more followers and been searching how to increase my instagram followers. But all my friends and neighbors have gone crazy about this game so maybe its time for me to join in. I’m really pretty excited about the game since I yet have to get my first pokemon. My friends told me that I can actually get pikachu if when I first run the game. They told me to simply disregard all pokemon monster that pop up and wait until pikachu pops out. It’s actually one of those pokemon go cheats and tricks that they learned from the net so I will surely give it a shot. It’s also good to know that I have lots of friends who can guide me through as a newbie to the game although I have a big catchup to make if I want to level out with my friends. But that’s not really my priority. I just want a few games in my phone that can keep me company and entertain me during times when I just want to relax and have some time for my self after work.

I always had this game on my phone because I just love role playing games. I don’t know if its a girl thing or not but I always fantasize pretty much about life and how it could have been if I had this stuff and its good to know that this game allows you to relive some of your fantasies. Just like the recent update they released for the game where you can try the Movie Star life. I mean, who doesn’t love to be reach and famous. I know I do but in real life it is just plain impossible. So with this game, I get to play with my fantasy and that’s a good thing. This game has been around for a long time already. I would have loved to play the older versions like the once for the PC but ever since this version was released for the iphone, I find it more convenient since I can play the game anywhere. Good job there EA.

There is also another game that I love playing and it’s still from EA and related to SIMS. I am just so happy that they released this game for the mobile platform because I never got to play it on the PC. Not to mention that it is a free to play game on the iPhone market. I don’t know if it’s in my DNA or what but I just love role playing like I mentioned in the above game and SimCity Buildit just lets me do that. Probably I would love to be in public office someday but getting to that position is another thing haha. But with SimCity Buildit, I can instantly become a mayor and let me manage the whole city. The whole micro management thing and solving the city’s problems is just amazing and keeps me really excited. Although I did read somewhere that the PC version is more challenging compared to this version but maybe someday when I have really some big extra time I might give it a shot. Still the mobile version gives me the convenience I need and I can play the game in short breaks. I am good with that.

I am not the athlete person but football is one of those game I wish I could play. I don’t know but watching the players carry the ball and dance with it is like ballerina in a new level. Not to mention the crowd shouting like crazy just makes my heart burst with excitement. With the upcoming release of FIFA 17 next month this game will definitely be on my to do list and I will make sure I can play it. For now, I’ll just keep watching youtube videos and get me acquainted with the game.

Lastly, the new PVZ heroes! Yup. Also one of my addiction. From the very first plants vs zombies game to the newer version released, I just love it. A pretty simple gameplay but it sure it exciting. There is a certain need to rush things when you see the zombies slowly coming to your house. Sometimes it makes you want to cheat the game but it sure is very challenging. Still on the iOS version and that is why I love this game!

If you need any trainor or cheat guide, there is one reliable source I get mine. Should you need more information, just visit the link I shared.