Electronic Tax Return Filing
Electronic Tax Return for Rapid Tax Refund

What is e-file?

Filling of your tax return through Internet is called e-filing.

Why Electronic Filling?

A quick, easy, smart way to get your taxes where you want them to be — Done!
Prepare and E-File OnlineFast Refunds.



Many tax returns have been e-filed in 2018! Electronic filing is a fast, convenient and accurate way to file your taxes directly with the Tax Office via the Internet. Millions of taxpayers take advantage of this convenient free tax filing service every year. Enjoy the benefits that come with filing tax returns electronically – from quicker refunds to having your refund deposited directly into your checking or savings account. In addition, when you use free tax filing you’ll be able to check the status online to make sure the Tax Office has received it.


What are the benefits E-Filing?

The Answer is very simple you will now the status of your refund once you successfully e-file your return with Tax Office. The e-file program is the fastest way to receive your income tax refund. Online tax returns process in less than half the time as paper returns.

E-File Requirements?

For Individuals:
Following is the illustrative list for filling your taxes electronically.

  • Computer with a modem or Internet access
  • A copy of last years tax return
  • Personal identification (driver’s license, social security card) for you and your spouse, if applicable, showing the SSN(s)
  • The social security cards of your dependents, if applicable
  • Annual payment summaries from all of your employers
  • Forms showing dividends and interest paid to you throughout the year.
  • Form  showing any refund, credit or offset of state and local taxes.
  • All receipts pertaining to your small business
  • Income receipts from rental real estate, royalties, partnerships, s corporation, trusts
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Social security benefits
  • Other Income

For Business Or Self Employed 
e-file Benefits

  • Less paper handling
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved accuracy and product quality (fewer errors, therefore, less correspondence with Tax Office)
  • Electronic acknowledgment of return

For Corporations:

Online filing program has been launched


More Explicit Error Conditions – New error code explanations pinpoint the location of the error in the return and provide complete information in the Acknowledgement File.

Faster acknowledgements – Transmissions are processed upon receipt and acknowledgments are returned in near real-time.  No more waiting for once or twice daily system processing cycles.

Integrated Payment Option – Owe Taxes? –  You can e-file a balance due return and, at the same time, authorize an electronic funds withdrawal from your bank account.  Payments are subject to limitations of the Deposit rules.

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